The Blue Snowball Microphone Review for Podcasting

This week we will review the Blue Snow Ball by Blue Microphones. Although this mic has amazing qualities and is one the top selling wired USB mics on the market, at $80 the price is right for anyone looking for a microphone. Especially podcasters like me who have to travel and setup my area several times. I was fortunate enough to have a brother who wanted to see me succeed. He purchased the Blue Mic for me as a birthday gift. Thanks bro!

RECORDING REVIEW: Starting out in the industry of podcasting can be overwhelming when it comes to setting up for the master recording. It feels like the world is on your shoulders. The last thing you need to worry about is your gear. This gear is all set to go. You just have to attach the mic (shaped like a snowball) to the mini stand and plug in the cord. Its USB connection is smooth and quick. Like all software applications that integrate with hardware, you may have to reboot the application so it can recognize the mic. Example of this is when I use Microsoft PowerPoint to do a screencast I must reopen the PowerPoint slide so it grabs the mic. This is very common and not a flaw of the Blue Snow Ball. Recording sound is great for the cost.  I have had no problems with the sound quality. It also integrates well with most common editing software like Audacity and Camtasia.

THE MICROPHONE: The Blue Snow Ball has three positions behind the mic. The first position is for podcasters, speech and vocals. The second switch is for live music and loud sound sources. The third position is for environmental recording like a conference room, etc. Very flexible and multi-talented, this mic can do anything you need it to do.

USING THE MIC: When I conduct a podcast episode with the Blue Snow Ball I normally lower the stand and talk over the ball. This prevents me from catching the “s” sounds into the recording. If I talk directly into the mic it naturally sounds horrible. For those of you who like to talk directly into the mic this model does have a pop filter that you can buy which I don’t use.

THE COST: Most of us are on a tiny budget and can’t afford very much. So when it comes to buying a microphone item that has a broad price range between $20-$2,000 the issue can be overwhelming to say the least. So where does the Blue Mic come in? At $80 dollars you can grab one of these bad boys and never have to purchase another mic item for a very long time. It’s all the mic you will need to start podcasting.

OTHER COMMENTS: This little thing is the best mic in the world. It’s flexible and tough enough to travel with. It’s recommended by multiple podcaster as the best microphone money can buy for its price. Ironically at the same time when I received this microphone as a gift, my favorite podcast did an episode quick tip recommending this awesome mic. So on one hand it does cost more than $20 but it has so much to offer that you have to get it!

WE WANT TO KNOW WHAT YOU THINK! Does your microphone compare to this one? Comment below and let us know. We will respond believe it or not =)

For more information about this product you can head over to BLUE SNOW BALL and you can also get the manual by clicking here

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