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FMP 07 I Why Should I Create a Podcast Avatar

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Create Your Podcast Avatar and Reach Your AudienceIn this episode of Fix My Podcast, we talk about the power of creating your podcast avatar. Your audience will identify a stronger connection to your content and your brand. They will be notice your demeanor and delivery is more direct to them. Apply your avatar to the next podcast you produce. Here’s how to do it and how to manage it so you can continue to serve your audience with relative content. Additionally we discuss the best market research tool for your podcast – Market Samurai!

Podcasting can be both easy and difficult at each level of understanding. So it’s nice to have the right support when you need it! And that’s were FixMyPodcast comes in.

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3 Ways to Make Your Podcast Important to Your Target Audience

Learn How to Make Your Podcast Important to Your Target AudienceIs your content important to your audience? Is it important to you that they think it is? Content is king no matter what your niche is about. And your audience has so many choices that provide similar content. So how do you maintain the importance factor? Here are 3 ways to help maintain the importance of you content.

Read about your podcast niche – It’s not enough to just know about the topic that your podcasting about. Your audience expects you to know the recent trends and latest techniques. For some podcasters who are having traffic trouble this can be a great way to fix their podcast. You can use a great tool like Google Alerts to help stay up to date on particular topics. Once you sign up for a key phrase you will receive emails with article links that lead to articles related to that topic. Read about your podcast niche so you can better serve your podcast audience. Make it part of Continue Reading →

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3 Reasons Why Podcasting is Important to My Content & My Brand

Podcasting has become one of the best marketing tools for your brand. It doesn’t matter if you’re a large company, small company or not a company at all. If you have the idea then podcasting can take it to the next level. Here are 3 reasons why podcasting is so important to your brand.

(1) YOUR AUDIENCE TAKES YOUR BRAND WITH THEM: Your audience is able to take your content with them wherever they go. And with your content lies your brand and perspective towards the topic. So when your target audience no longer has to work around a schedule or stay in front of their computer to get the information they seek, they take that ability very serious. Their allowed to digest the information anywhere at any time.  Your brand has now grown wings and can travel with ease. The consumer finds this attractive because Continue Reading →

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4 Ways to Fix Your Podcast With Quick Google Market Research

As a podcaster the reality is your target audience is everywhere throughout the world. You still have to reach the target audience with relative and compelling content so that’s why we start with market research. Below is a quick way to assess your market just with the front page of Google. If your podcast is already up and running and you want a bigger audience you can simply apply the below techniques and conduct a course correction. It’s really that easy.

1) FIRST PAGE OF YOUR GOOGLE SEARCH – If I had an idea for a new podcast I would start right here with Google. Why? It allows you to Continue Reading →

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