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How Can I Get The Courage to Podcast?

How Can I Get The Courage to PodcastSome of us make podcasting look real easy. The internal workings of putting a podcast together can be overlooked by the audience. Like a movie or a TV series, the audience tunes into the episode without thinking of the logistics involved. But what happens when someone decides to make a podcast of their own. The courage to podcast may not come naturally. Almost all podcasters have felt themselves step away from their comfort zone to make the podcast happen. They say that with success comes humility. The following reasons should give you the courage and the knowledge to create your own podcast.

1) YOUR OWN PERSPECTIVE – Every person on the planet has their own perspective. We can see it in the way we dress and in the way we live. That is why we have Continue Reading →

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How Can I Fix My Podcast Feed?

How Can I Fix My Podcast Feed?Once you have your podcast media created, tagged and branded it’s time to deliver it to the masses. But sometimes your feed just doesn’t seem to be acting right. Here are a couple of ways to fix your podcast feed so that you not only control its ability but you also track the way your audience uses  it.

1)       WORDPRESS BLOG PLATFORM If you’re a podcaster than you should definitely have a blog setup as your main channel for content distribution. It’s the easiest way to distribute your podcast articles, reviews, etc. The most popular blog platform today is WordPress. One of their best features in WordPress is the built in feed function.  This allows the blogger to easily identify their feed for that particular page or category established inside the WordPress blog. Using WordPress with your podcast is Continue Reading →

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