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Learn how to reach your podcast audience Podcasting is really affective for your content. The thought of how many people can potentially gain access to your content on a worldwide scale is jaw dropping. Additionally, podcasting is a cheap marketing tool that can, if done correctly, beat any marketing plan you have. But this is only possible if you learn to deliver your podcast in a way your audience would like to receive it. So how do you know if you’re delivering your content effectively? Here are a couple of ways you can make sure your content is reaching its peak performance.

If you are not tracking your audio, video, articles, etc. then you will definitely want to start here. Imagine walking in a field at night without a flashlight. You’re stumbling all over the place and may end up breaking your ankle. In this situation you might think “why didn’t I grab the flashlight?”
Tracking stats can shine the light on your content direction. Not knowing where your content is heading can Continue Reading →

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FMP 07 I Why Should I Create a Podcast Avatar

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Create Your Podcast Avatar and Reach Your AudienceIn this episode of Fix My Podcast, we talk about the power of creating your podcast avatar. Your audience will identify a stronger connection to your content and your brand. They will be notice your demeanor and delivery is more direct to them. Apply your avatar to the next podcast you produce. Here’s how to do it and how to manage it so you can continue to serve your audience with relative content. Additionally we discuss the best market research tool for your podcast – Market Samurai!

Podcasting can be both easy and difficult at each level of understanding. So it’s nice to have the right support when you need it! And that’s were FixMyPodcast comes in.

CLICK HERE to get immediate access to our FREE AUDIO GIFT titled 5-COMMON-PODCASTING-MISTAKES. Additionally you will receive a Continue Reading →

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