Learn How Microsoft Excel Helps Your Podcast Stay Organized

Microsoft Excel Can Help Your PodcastAs a podcaster we have to stay organized. We have to make sure our content is flowing towards our audience in a particular direction better known as our sales funnel or content funnel. To organize this funnel you could always take out a sheet of paper and begin to draw out the concept of your content and how you would like to deliver it. Or you can use a tool that almost everyone has at their finger tips. Microsoft Excel helps organize information, content, and whatever else you can imagine. Here are three ways Microsoft Excel can help you as a podcaster:

1) GRID SQUARES ARE BRAINSTORM FIRENDLY: Some of us like to brainstorm a process or a thought so that we can see the bigger picture. One particular way I found helpful is by setting up an Excel sheet with all the boxes evenly squared and formatted the same. I can now type into each box (with headings as all caps for distinction) and move the word phrases around to facilitate the pecking order necessary to make the thought connect rationally. For those of us who like to brainstorm in a unique and simple way this can be perfect.

2) CREATE A CONTENT LIBRARY WITH MICROSOFT EXCEL: After researching your niche it’s important to document your findings so you can take the information out of your head and organize it in a logical order. Documenting the story in Excel by using a chapter format can allow you to chronologically line up your content funnel. For example, if you number a row from left to right as 1-10 (chapters) and then the columns downward as 1-10 (steps), you would have a story board that you can now fill with information. My audience does this 1st…then this 2nd….and then this 3rd, etc. This helps you not only setup your content library chronologically; it also allows you to identify systems that you can develop into products.

3) HYPERLINK AND PASSWORDS: Excel’s ability to hyperlink a cell is really useful for those who like fast access to their favorite documents or websites. Done properly you can setup your Excel document to access files anywhere. This makes it faster for your production time. But with all this information in your Excel document you might want to lock the sheet so nobody can change the content. Or better yet, lock the entire workbook so it’s only available to you and those you allow access. Excel has you covered here too. They have made it super easy to password protect your Excel docs!

Microsoft Excel may seem overly simple to some because of the latest software available today, but I assure you when you need reliability Microsoft Excel is there to assist. Do you have a favorite software application that you use as a podcaster? Lets us know! We do respond to comments…talk to you soon!

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