Learn how to reach your podcast audience Podcasting is really affective for your content. The thought of how many people can potentially gain access to your content on a worldwide scale is jaw dropping. Additionally, podcasting is a cheap marketing tool that can, if done correctly, beat any marketing plan you have. But this is only possible if you learn to deliver your podcast in a way your audience would like to receive it. So how do you know if you’re delivering your content effectively? Here are a couple of ways you can make sure your content is reaching its peak performance.

If you are not tracking your audio, video, articles, etc. then you will definitely want to start here. Imagine walking in a field at night without a flashlight. You’re stumbling all over the place and may end up breaking your ankle. In this situation you might think “why didn’t I grab the flashlight?”
Tracking stats can shine the light on your content direction. Not knowing where your content is heading can waste a lot of time and hard work. You could have the best information mankind has ever benefited from, but if it’s not placed in the right hands then it will totally go unnoticed. Tracking will also help you tailor your content towards the “want” of your podcast niche instead of the “need”. Allowing you to see what content is most attractive to your podcast audience. There are multiple tools online for tracking your content and they are not all the same. So for something as important as a flashlight in the dark I use for my media. Tracking and managing media is what they do and that’s exactly what any podcasting brand needs.

Every podcaster should have a blog so their followers can gain access to the full potential of your podcasting message/brand. Think of this as the mother ship for your content. Your blog is like a gateway for other content channels. Additionally, the blog allows you to test several topics while tracking the interaction of your audience. This will help identify other things your audience enjoys and could be applied to your podcast respectively.
For example, you may find out your blog readers interact with review articles. In this case you may want to incorporate a segment in your podcast that refers to a monthly or weekly review. This will not only help increase the dynamic of your podcast, it will also help serve your listenership and ultimately strengthen your podcast channel all together. When it comes to blogging we recommend There simply is no other comparable platform to date.
The best tracking tool for your blog is Google Analytics. It’s absolutely free and super affective for your content!

Now that your tracking your media content with Libsyn, posting your media on you WordPress blog, tracking your blog with Google analytics, your ready to venture into social media. When done correctly, social media will help tether all this together for easy, natural, distribution by your audience. If your podcast channel doesn’t have a Twitter account or a Facebook account than you’re hobbling your podcast audience. You can check out FixMyPodcast on Twitter and our Facebook Page for more ideas. Without social media you’re basically forcing your audience to stay with ONLY your podcast and ONLY your blog. Using tools like Bitly will help you shorten your links and track those who have clicked on your message. Give your audience the opportunity to share what they have learned from you. It will help your podcast and your brand immensely!

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