How Can I Get The Courage to Podcast?

How Can I Get The Courage to PodcastSome of us make podcasting look real easy. The internal workings of putting a podcast together can be overlooked by the audience. Like a movie or a TV series, the audience tunes into the episode without thinking of the logistics involved. But what happens when someone decides to make a podcast of their own. The courage to podcast may not come naturally. Almost all podcasters have felt themselves step away from their comfort zone to make the podcast happen. They say that with success comes humility. The following reasons should give you the courage and the knowledge to create your own podcast.

1) YOUR OWN PERSPECTIVE – Every person on the planet has their own perspective. We can see it in the way we dress and in the way we live. That is why we have multiple restaurants and car manufactures, etc. How many ways can you cook an egg? How many ways can you put metal on four tires? Apparently there are several. Similar to podcasting and blogging, your explanation to others can be the same message but positioned in a unique (yet powerful) way. Your podcast has your perspective and you must recognize this from the start. Do yourself a favor and draw a map to your favorite store and then ask someone else to draw one. Look at the maps and notice the difference in perspective. You’ll discover one may have too many lines or not enough lines or street names. This is the perspective that sets us apart & makes us all different and individually valuable.

2) THE MARKET RESEARCH – Whenever I start to wonder about my podcast content I turn to the market research. When I first started podcasting I thought the market research process was just to identify my niche. And that I could start podcasting from there. However, when I ran out of content ideas I eventually came back to the same market research strategies that ultimately increased the nature of my content and my podcasting brand. The courage to podcast can be increased when you realize how powerful it is to conduct target market research. Sharpen your research tools and your niche analysis process and you can always deliver relative and authoritative content.

3) STATISTICS AND TRACKING – To build courage to podcast, remember that you can always track what your audience is doing with your content. You can track their patterns and use that information to sharpen your approach. Tools like Feedburner and Google Analytics can help do this for your. If you’re thinking of putting a product together about knitting a blanket on the moon and your audience enjoys the content about knitting at night by the ocean shore, you may want to re-think your product. The tracking of your audience helps you serve them with the content they enjoy the most. They want your perspective on particular subjects or topics within the niche. You simply assess their patterns and serve your audience with what they want. This information is priceless and so important when it comes to having the courage to podcast your passion. Knowing what your audience sees and reacts too can help fill up your courageous gas tank.

Podcasting may be scary when you first start out. You will get better over time. That is a major guarantee. But the trick is to be relentless and continue providing relative content to your audience. Knowing your perspective can’t be duplicated should give you the courage you need. However, when you add in the market research skills and the ability to review your stats and track your audience, there is no room for pessimism. Podcasting is an awesome marketing tool that is super powerful.  Once you have the courage you have the podcasting power.

Let us know what you think – How do you get courage to podcast? Place your comment below and we will respond believe it or not 😉

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