How Can I Fix My Podcast Feed?

How Can I Fix My Podcast Feed?Once you have your podcast media created, tagged and branded it’s time to deliver it to the masses. But sometimes your feed just doesn’t seem to be acting right. Here are a couple of ways to fix your podcast feed so that you not only control its ability but you also track the way your audience uses  it.

1)       WORDPRESS BLOG PLATFORM If you’re a podcaster than you should definitely have a blog setup as your main channel for content distribution. It’s the easiest way to distribute your podcast articles, reviews, etc. The most popular blog platform today is WordPress. One of their best features in WordPress is the built in feed function.  This allows the blogger to easily identify their feed for that particular page or category established inside the WordPress blog. Using WordPress with your podcast is highly recommended.

2)       TRACKING YOUR FEED WITH FEEDBURNER A podcaster must always track their content usage to make sure their providing relative content. Feedburner is the best tool for tracking your podcast content or any content with a feed URL. Feedburner also helps you control particular elements of your feed by adjusting your Feedburner information inside their interface. So how do you setup your feed channel correctly?

  • Assign a category to your WordPress blog post and identify that category feed.
  • Submit the desired WordPress feed through Feedburner (either as a blogger or a podcaster depending on your content) which will provide you a Feedburner feed address.
  • Install the Feedsmith plugin to your WordPress blog and paste your Feedburner feed inside it.
  • On the front of your blog you will promote your WordPress feed which will channel through the Feedsmith plugin and direct your audience to your Feedburner feed.

Your audience has just subscribed to your blog feed and not Feedburner. It’s important to note that you will want to promote your WordPress feed not the Feedburner feed. The reason for this is because not only do you want to control your brand, you also want to make sure that if something happens to Feedburner your audience will remain connected to your domain and not feedburner.

3)       TEST YOUR PODCAST FEED AS YOUR AUDIENCE WOULD As a content creator you’re mainly focused on the creation of you content and less about the usage. You must check the quality of your content through the eyes of your users. If your audience is seeing your podcast media through mobile usage (i.e. smart phones, ipads) then you need to see what they see so you can ensure your hard work is reaching them effectively.

In the end you can avoid basic feed mistakes by using certain tools that will help stimulate your feed and content delivery. WordPress, Feedburner, and Feedsmith are priceless tools that every podcaster and blogger should have in their toolbox. Without these tools you’re causing more frustrations for yourself and most importantly your audience. Fix your podcast today by working smarter not harder.

We would like to know what you recommend when it comes to fixing your feed. What common mistakes have you made? Talk to you soon! – Christopher Brening

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