4 Ways to Fix Your Podcast With Quick Google Market Research

As a podcaster the reality is your target audience is everywhere throughout the world. You still have to reach the target audience with relative and compelling content so that’s why we start with market research. Below is a quick way to assess your market just with the front page of Google. If your podcast is already up and running and you want a bigger audience you can simply apply the below techniques and conduct a course correction. It’s really that easy.

1) FIRST PAGE OF YOUR GOOGLE SEARCH – If I had an idea for a new podcast I would start right here with Google. Why? It allows you to see the markets top ten sites in relation to your niche and it gives you a reality check right away.

2) HOW MANY ADVERTISEMENTS ARE ON THE FIRST PAGE OF GOOGLE? – How many ads are on the 1st page of Google? The ads represent the amount of money to be made with the niche. If you don’t see any ads you may want to consider this when you’re choosing your keywords in association with your brand. No ads can represent a market that is not extremely viable.

Too many ads can mean the market is over saturated with competition. You can still forge forward into the niche knowing there’s marketing competition. However before doing so you should think of alternatives that can help you work smarter not hard.

3) HOW MANY VIDEOS ARE ON THE FIRST PAGE OF GOOGLE? – How many videos are on the 1st page? What kind of ads and videos? All of this tells a tale before you even start to review the top ten sites on the 1st page of Google. If there are videos you should review them and analyze the market response. Is anyone watching the video? Is anyone commenting on the videos? All of this is meaningful to the keywords you choose and the niche you pursue.

4) THE TOP 10 WEBSITES ON THE FIRST PAGE OF GOOGLE – Google is trying to always make their algorithms as human as possible so the search results are based on consumer interaction. This is great for marketers because we get access to the most relevant top ten sites that have been vetted by the market already in accordance with the keywords we use. The top ten sites can tell you the rest of the story regarding your chosen niche. Everything from products to prices can be taken away from this information. You also have logos and social media campaigns that can be identified quickly. This doesn’t give you the license to copy anything but it does give you the license to take notes and make sure you work smarter when you decide your niche. The price for being on top means you and your content are always being watched. This technique has always been around whether it’s been in the auto industry, the supermarkets with secret shoppers, or on the internet. The benefit of the Word Wide Web is that it allows us to do it without leaving the house.

Take the time to review your niche at least on a quarterly basis. This can reveal an industry trend that can help your brand stay on track. Marketing is fun but not having an audience for your content is not. So why not do yourself a favor and do the research whenever you get a chance. Your audience will thank you for it! Oh and remember if you feel like you have been missing the mark with your target audience you can always do a course correction starting with your next post or your next podcast.

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