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Learn how to reach your podcast audience Podcasting is really affective for your content. The thought of how many people can potentially gain access to your content on a worldwide scale is jaw dropping. Additionally, podcasting is a cheap marketing tool that can, if done correctly, beat any marketing plan you have. But this is only possible if you learn to deliver your podcast in a way your audience would like to receive it. So how do you know if you’re delivering your content effectively? Here are a couple of ways you can make sure your content is reaching its peak performance.

If you are not tracking your audio, video, articles, etc. then you will definitely want to start here. Imagine walking in a field at night without a flashlight. You’re stumbling all over the place and may end up breaking your ankle. In this situation you might think “why didn’t I grab the flashlight?”
Tracking stats can shine the light on your content direction. Not knowing where your content is heading can Continue Reading →

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Why Podcasters Should Check Out Their Local Library

Why Podcasters Should Check Out Their Local LibraryLearn how your local library can be beneficial to your podcast. We use the library for many reasons so that’s why we have decided to review 3 reasons why your library can make your podcast better than ever. Most U.S. cities have a designated library full of free information that any local resident can read and take home for short period of time. And if you’re not a local citizen then you’re still able to access the information during normal library hours. So why is the library so important to your podcast?

(1) FREE CONTENT FOR YOUR PODCAST – Who needs great content for their podcast? Everyone does. At first I thought the local library would contain out of date material and that it could be a waste of my time. However this is completely untrue. In fact your local library has up to date information that would otherwise cost you a few bucks to purchase. The latest novel, documentary, etc it usually available within a Continue Reading →

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3 REASONS FACEBOOK ADVERTISING CAN HELP YOUR PODCAST?So how can Facebook advertising help your podcast? Let’s first start by talking about the size of Facebook and the impact it has on its users. Next we can review the geographical information available to you when your ad is being put together. Lastly we will discuss the options that you have for paying your advertising bill. Get ready to use Facebook advertising!

1) FACEBOOK FACTS: We all know the power of Facebook. But just in case you don’t, Facebook had 845 million monthly active users at the end of December 2011.  Additionally Facebook averaged 483 million daily active users in the same month. So yeah…they have the attention of many online consumers. What about those who use Continue Reading →

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How Can I Get The Courage to Podcast?

How Can I Get The Courage to PodcastSome of us make podcasting look real easy. The internal workings of putting a podcast together can be overlooked by the audience. Like a movie or a TV series, the audience tunes into the episode without thinking of the logistics involved. But what happens when someone decides to make a podcast of their own. The courage to podcast may not come naturally. Almost all podcasters have felt themselves step away from their comfort zone to make the podcast happen. They say that with success comes humility. The following reasons should give you the courage and the knowledge to create your own podcast.

1) YOUR OWN PERSPECTIVE – Every person on the planet has their own perspective. We can see it in the way we dress and in the way we live. That is why we have Continue Reading →

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How Can I Fix My Podcast Feed?

How Can I Fix My Podcast Feed?Once you have your podcast media created, tagged and branded it’s time to deliver it to the masses. But sometimes your feed just doesn’t seem to be acting right. Here are a couple of ways to fix your podcast feed so that you not only control its ability but you also track the way your audience uses  it.

1)       WORDPRESS BLOG PLATFORM If you’re a podcaster than you should definitely have a blog setup as your main channel for content distribution. It’s the easiest way to distribute your podcast articles, reviews, etc. The most popular blog platform today is WordPress. One of their best features in WordPress is the built in feed function.  This allows the blogger to easily identify their feed for that particular page or category established inside the WordPress blog. Using WordPress with your podcast is Continue Reading →

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3 Ways to Make Your Podcast Important to Your Target Audience

Learn How to Make Your Podcast Important to Your Target AudienceIs your content important to your audience? Is it important to you that they think it is? Content is king no matter what your niche is about. And your audience has so many choices that provide similar content. So how do you maintain the importance factor? Here are 3 ways to help maintain the importance of you content.

Read about your podcast niche – It’s not enough to just know about the topic that your podcasting about. Your audience expects you to know the recent trends and latest techniques. For some podcasters who are having traffic trouble this can be a great way to fix their podcast. You can use a great tool like Google Alerts to help stay up to date on particular topics. Once you sign up for a key phrase you will receive emails with article links that lead to articles related to that topic. Read about your podcast niche so you can better serve your podcast audience. Make it part of Continue Reading →

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Learn How Microsoft Excel Helps Your Podcast Stay Organized

Microsoft Excel Can Help Your PodcastAs a podcaster we have to stay organized. We have to make sure our content is flowing towards our audience in a particular direction better known as our sales funnel or content funnel. To organize this funnel you could always take out a sheet of paper and begin to draw out the concept of your content and how you would like to deliver it. Or you can use a tool that almost everyone has at their finger tips. Microsoft Excel helps organize information, content, and whatever else you can imagine. Here are three ways Microsoft Excel can help you as a podcaster:

1) GRID SQUARES ARE BRAINSTORM FIRENDLY: Some of us like to brainstorm a process or a thought so that we can see the bigger picture. One particular way I found helpful is by setting up an Excel sheet with all the boxes evenly squared and formatted the same. I can now type into each box (with headings as all caps for distinction) and move the Continue Reading →

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