Welcome to FixMyPodcast. This is a community for experienced podcasters and those podcaster just getting started. We are dedicated to helping all podcasters wade through the nuts and bolts of keeping your podcast going. This allows you more time to focus on your content and less time trying to figure out every detail of podcasting. (In other words we keep you out of the weeds! =)

By supporting and guiding all podcasters who have a question and advocating for the craft itself, FixMyPodcast is always up to date with the latest and greatest podcasting news and technology. Which in turn comes to your front door when you become part of the FixMyPodcast network.

Why do we care? Simply put, the ability to share your life’s passion to the world through podcasting is a priceless journey. And we want to be part of your success because we know how frustrating the process can be! If people can gain insight from our training and knowledge than FixMyPodcast has done its job.

FixMyPodcast was started by – Christopher Brening – An entrepreneur who was forced to take the hard road in figuring out how podcasting works and has since enjoyed sharing his passion with the world. Christopher wants to ensure everyone has the opportunity to share their passion with the world by using the far reaching capability of podcasting.

The World is Full of Non-believers!

For whatever reason people underestimate the power of podcasting. Most people have a blog and a social media platform they use to express themselves or their business. But these tools are just the beginning

People usually overlook the far reaching powers of podcasting because they think it’s difficult or they think its for people with money. For those of us who have decided to figure out podcasting we have found it to be easy and really-really-really affordable! Suddenly the reality of reaching a specific audience of a target market was easier than ever thought before.

The ease of podcasting can be found throughout the FixMyPodcast blog and for those who still have questions about their podcast can gain more knowledge through our FixMyPodcast FAQ’s where we address the basics of podcasting so you have the confidence to  podcast right now.

Podcasting gives you the Power to Reach the World

You don’t have to limit yourself to SEO strategies & Google. You can launch further into the consumer kingdom by producing a little more content into media and making it available through podcasting. The life of your project will never be the same.

Here’s what we know podcasting can do for you:

-You can reach the entire world on a mobile platform

-Your audience is no longer restricted to their computer for your information

-True project security is being able to diversify your content delivery and podcasting does this

Our goal is to help you podcast your content around the world inside the niche of your choosing. Additionally if you generate a large enough audience you can also make more money and find additional freedom and fulfillment. No more worrying about using only SEO strategies when you can diversify with podcasting and social media, etc.

How To Get Started

We have prepared FREE audio training called “5 Common Podcasting Mistakes” that show you how easy it is to get your podcast started and what to avoid while doing it.

Enter your info below to get your access now!

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