3 Ways to Make Your Podcast Important to Your Target Audience

Learn How to Make Your Podcast Important to Your Target AudienceIs your content important to your audience? Is it important to you that they think it is? Content is king no matter what your niche is about. And your audience has so many choices that provide similar content. So how do you maintain the importance factor? Here are 3 ways to help maintain the importance of you content.

Read about your podcast niche – It’s not enough to just know about the topic that your podcasting about. Your audience expects you to know the recent trends and latest techniques. For some podcasters who are having traffic trouble this can be a great way to fix their podcast. You can use a great tool like Google Alerts to help stay up to date on particular topics. Once you sign up for a key phrase you will receive emails with article links that lead to articles related to that topic. Read about your podcast niche so you can better serve your podcast audience. Make it part of your routine and you’ll be surprised at how much you can learn about your specific niche.

Be part of your target audience so you can learn more – If my podcast was about ballerinas I would want to either be a ballerina or know someone who is. The reason this is so important is because the closer I can get to my target audience the better I can serve them with awesome content. If I take my podcast serious then I would want my podcast content to be just as strong as my intent.

If you’re not part of your target audience or don’t know of someone who is, then try your hardest to get as close to the niche as you can. This can be achieved by attending meetings or events that will further your understanding and help your content substantially. You don’t have t be a ballerina but you should be able to relate to one.

Engaging with your podcast audience can be good for business – Your market research should identify not only the social media channels that your target audience uses on a regular basis, but also the forums that they frequent. Check out the forums or other blogs associated to your podcasting niche and leave constructive comments. Try searching Google using the key phrases of your niche and place the word “forums” right behind it. This will help dredge up the forums that have your content bouncing around. Jump on in and become part of the conversation!

Remember this is your podcast and your brand. It’s up to you to decide how you want to market your content within that specific niche. You can sit back and try to let iTunes do all the work for you or you can jump out there on your own. The podcast and your audience deserve more than just iTunes. Let the community know you exist!

We would like to hear how you keep your podcast important to your listeners. Go ahead and comment below! We actually reply to comments and sometimes use them inside our podcast.

Talk to you soon! Christopher Brening.

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