3 Reasons Why Podcasting is Important to My Content & My Brand

Podcasting has become one of the best marketing tools for your brand. It doesn’t matter if you’re a large company, small company or not a company at all. If you have the idea then podcasting can take it to the next level. Here are 3 reasons why podcasting is so important to your brand.

(1) YOUR AUDIENCE TAKES YOUR BRAND WITH THEM: Your audience is able to take your content with them wherever they go. And with your content lies your brand and perspective towards the topic. So when your target audience no longer has to work around a schedule or stay in front of their computer to get the information they seek, they take that ability very serious. Their allowed to digest the information anywhere at any time.  Your brand has now grown wings and can travel with ease. The consumer finds this attractive because you’re working with them and heir behavior pattern. When their on the treadmill your right there by their side providing relative content.

(2) PODCAST FEEDS AND MEDIA FILES: A podcast feed can carry just about any realistic media file. This ability is awesome because it reflects your brands ability. Since media can be easily created and delivered through your feed you can surprise your audience with content or announcements in the form of a video or an audio. You can also provide an eBook that stimulates your brand into another direction or an upcoming product launch. The fact that we can send media files through our podcast feed helps us deliver powerful content and above average exposure for our brand. Done the right way, your audience will love you for it!

(3) TECHNOLOGY IS BOOSTING PODCAST APPEAL: It seems like everyone has a cell phone and/or a tablet. This technology also brings new applications that help your target audience enjoy their chosen content. For example Android has an application called BeyondPod which allows you to effortlessly subscribe to a feed. You can even import your feeds from Google Reader. It also has a built in media player that allows the user to customize their content. This application is only one of many already available to your target audience. Technologies like this help your brand remain flexible for maximum use.

When deciding how to market your content, podcasting seems to be a smart approach. Podcasting creates a very practical channel for your brand. Your audience can not only take you with them while they workout, etc, but they can also enjoy multiple forms of media. And thanks to applications like BeyondPod your target audience can use electronic device to make sure you’re by their side. A marketing tool that should be used by all content creators, podcasting has become essential.

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