3 REASONS FACEBOOK ADVERTISING CAN HELP YOUR PODCAST?So how can Facebook advertising help your podcast? Let’s first start by talking about the size of Facebook and the impact it has on its users. Next we can review the geographical information available to you when your ad is being put together. Lastly we will discuss the options that you have for paying your advertising bill. Get ready to use Facebook advertising!

1) FACEBOOK FACTS: We all know the power of Facebook. But just in case you don’t, Facebook had 845 million monthly active users at the end of December 2011.  Additionally Facebook averaged 483 million daily active users in the same month. So yeah…they have the attention of many online consumers. What about those who use a mobile platform? Well in December of 2011 Facebook had more than 425 million monthly active members using Facebook mobile products. And check this out; Facebook is available in over 70 different languages. Your brain is probably tumbling with several reasons why you should be part of Facebook.

2) USING FACEBOOK DATA: When you create a Facebook account you normally setup all the details of your profile and begin linking to your network of family and friends. But then there is an “Ad” link under your photo that allows you to create an advertisement. Once you enter the Facebook advertising interface you gain access to all the demographic information you ever wanted to know. As you change the gender, education, location, etc you will notice a large number stating the number of Facebook users your advertisement will reach with that combination of information. Remember you can’t be all things to everyone so when you’re advertising your brand on Facebook you want this number to as small as reasonably possible. This way you’re reaching a specific person who will decide if your brand is worth their attention. You can decide if their part of your target market or not.

3) PAYING FOR YOUR FACEBOOK AD:  So now you have your advertisement all set to go. Facebook allows you to bid on your advertisement which is awesome for any small business. And they offer two types of payments. The first choice allows you to pay per “1,000 impressions”. This is where Facebook will place your advertisement in front of your audience 1000 times before charging you the rate. The second choice is “Paying per click”. This can be expensive but can lead to better results. The impressions are placed in areas where clicks are more likely to occur versus being displayed anywhere on the page as an impression.

CAUTION: There is an important step you should never overlook when you’re ready to submit your ad for approval. Facebook allows you to check your ad by submitting it to the “Ad Review” process. Simply click this button to receive a quick validation of your chosen advertisement. Without doing this the risk of your advertisement being disapproved by Facebook increases. If this happens you have to start over and adjust your advertisement and submit again for approval. This can be a big hassle so make sure you do it before submission.

You podcast can greatly benefit from the Facebook advertising platform. They have the attention of so many users and in turn allow you to see who your audience really is based on the geographical combination. And on top of all this they allow you to bid on your payment rate. Find your target audience on Facebook today!


Let us know how beneficial Facebook has been for you. You can leave your feedback below.

Talk to you soon!

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